Oleg Leontyev: «The team tried to do its best»


Neftekhimik head coach Oleg Leontyev speaks with the media after a following 2–3 overtime loss against Lokomotiv.

– It was a good game. I would like to say thank you to our fans. There was a full Arena, despite the fact that we did not complete the task for the season. That means that they believe in our team. This is the most expensive thing. We appreciate it so much.

The team tried to do its best. In the first, we played in some kind of a shy way. After that we played better. It is a pity that an individual mistake affected the outcome of such a good game. The opponent is very skilled. Their team is competing for the Gagarin Cup. We gave them a good fight. Our guys did a good job. The season is not over yet, there is one more road game. We are getting ready. Holidays are only at the end of the season. We will try to end the season on a positive note.

– The team played well in the second. Why the team did not manage to keep the lead?
The opponent is strong and skilled. They play according to their hockey system throughout the season. It is hard to break through this defense. Believe me, it is not so easy.

I am grateful to the guys who took to the ice throughout the season. We are playing with almost the same lineup. It is not easy from the physicalmental sides.

– There is one more game ahead. Vladimir Bryukvin was injured. What about him?
–  Let's wait until tomorrow. The loss of every player is unpleasant for us. The bench is not as long as we would like.

– During the game, the special teams changed. Is it difficult for players to adapt to new lines during the game?
– I would not say that it is hard for them. We work it out during practices. Hockey players have an understanding. Everyone wants to play on the power play. This is a great honor and trust.

Igor Nikitin, the head coach of Lokomotiv:

– It was a hard game. In the second, special teams did not do well. We found strength and had a good third and tied the game up. We are getting ready for the next game.

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