The head coaches of «Neftekhimik» and «Amur» summed up the outcome of the game.

Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of HC «Neftekhimik»:

- I would like to congratulate our team and fans on this victory. Their team built a good and tough defense. We had a bad start; nevertheless, we tried to do our best to win. We tied the game and had good scoring chances in OT. I think that our goaltender did a great job today. Our power play lines have to score. We had plenty of scoring chances but we did not score. I mean that all lines have to take advantage of these opportunities. On the one hand, there is a system; on the other hand, there is an individual skill of hockey players, this skill should be improved. 

Sergei Svetlov, the head coach of HC «Amur»:

- We started well and scored two quick goals. In the second period, we had to play with 6 defensemen except the forwards. The beginning of the second was unsuccessful, «Neftekhimik» put us under pressure, that was the reason of our mistakes. These mistakes led to 2 goals of «Neftekhimik». In general, both teams fought to the very end and had chances to win in the regulation time and in the OT. In the shootouts, «Neftekhimik» was more fortunate. It is not bad that we got one point. I appreciate the effort of our team.

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