Adelya Berezina :«Maxim is very responsible»


Here is an interview with Maxim Berezin’ wife Adelya.

– Adelya, tell us about yourself.

– I have always studied. My first priority was to study. At the same time, I was engaged in a modeling agency. After graduating from the Lyceum №35, I wanted to become a surgeon. However, my father was not enthusiastic about this idea, he did not want me to leave Nizhnekamsk at all. As a result, I entered the Institute at the State and Municipal Administration in NIzhnekamsk, and finished with diploma with honours. It was great student life and it was easy for me to study.

– What can you say about your husband Maxim?

– I met Maxim in the 9th grade. When we first met, it was a special course in mathematics; this is kind of an additional lesson that takes place after all the lessons. I was late and entered the class. I noticed Maxim then for the first time. After this, there was a school party. Maxim offered me to have a dance. We talked a lot in person and by phone. He also invited me watch games of his team. Therefore, everything slowly started. We were 15 at that time.

– At what time did you think about Maxim as a potential husband?

The more I get to know him, the more I liked him. Maxim is very responsible. If he promised something to do, he would definitely do it. He is a reliable person. After this, there was my first thought about him as a potential husband.

– What about his proposal?

– On September 5 was my 18th birthday and he made a proposal. After the home game of Reaktor, I went home, Maxim said: "Wait for me at home please." I opened the door; he was standing with a bouquet and a ring!

How did your parents react to this news?

– They were shocked. Maxim's parents then lived in St. Petersburg and on September 7, his dad flew here to talk with my parents about marrige. The conversation turned out to be very long, for 8 hours. My dad was in shock, he did not expect me to be ready for marrige, because I was study a lot, and here is such news. Nevertheless, in the end, they found a common language and came to a common decision. The wedding took place on November 14th.

– Tell us about family life, did something change with the birth of your first child?

– It was great, I studied, Maxim played hockey. The son was born after 2 years. Maxim always wanted to have children, but he gave me the opportunity to finish my education. The son was born in May. That was great because Maxim have enough time to help and spend time with his family.

– During the hockey season, Maxim is not at home for a long time. Does this affect your family?

– Our family life is divided into two periods. In the off-season, Maxim, in principle, is at home, participates in all family affairs, resolves all issues, and can even cook breakfast. When the season starts, it is clear that there are changes in his preparation before and after games. He needs to eat right, get enough sleep, recover and focus on the game in order to show everything that he is capable of. All household chores, such as cleaning and cooking are on me. In addition, the responsibility for the family too. Of course, we solve big issues together.

– How do you bringing up children?

– We, like everyone else, probably have a «Good cop, bad cop» parenting. The bad one is I, and the good one is Maxim. I am strict, I make them do homework, I do not allow banch of things, and our dad is very loyal in this matter. Nevertheless, in big issues, we always adhere to a single line. If mom thinks that something is wrong to do, then dad agrees with her and vice versa.

– Are there any traditions of your family?

– We always celebrate the New Year with the whole family with our parents; Ded Moroz (Santa Claus) visits our home, to whom we write a letter in advance, we try to have the atmosphere of a fairy tale. One more tradition is that I always see Maxim off and meet him. When the team is on a road trip, we always talk on the phone before the game.

– Do you have any quarrels in your family, who is the first to put up?

– I cannot call it quarrels; sometimes we have different opinion. Our most important principle is to decide here and now. We immediately have a talk and find a compromise.

– What does your family do besides hockey?

– Only hockey, there are no options! All discussions, all conversations are always about hockey. Maxim shares his experiences, about something that does not work out for him, or vice versa, joy. Now the son often discusses his own games and training with his dad. Now there are broadcasts of children hockey games, so even if Maxim is away, he watches his son's games

– It is clear that you visit all home games of Neftekhimik.

– I always have to be at home games; this has been going on since my school days. We always have the same seats. Maxim says that he feels our support and cannot imagine the home games without me supporting him. If he scores a goal, he always sends me a kiss. This also went back to the time when he played in the JHL in Reaktor team, long before our wedding.

– What do you feel when Maxim get hits on the ice?

– To be honest, I worry about him. He told me that it is okay, it is part of the hockey.

– How do you spend your holidays?

This is the so-called vacation, in fact, as soon as the season ends, Maxim begins to prepare for the next season. In this way, we try to spend as much time as possible together. Now the son is already in the second grade, Maxim is starting to help him with homework. We go for walk a lot together, they both like to play Xbox and ride a motorcycle.

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