Alexander Sudnitsin: «It is impossible to describe you the beauty of our nature!»


Alexander Sudnitsin talks about his vacation.

– My wife and I like to have trips in our free time. I left home in the morning and was back in the evening. Fortunately, in Russia, especially in the Ural region, there are quite a lot of interesting and beautiful places.  Last summer we managed to visit the Porogi hydroelectric power station (Chelyabinsk region) - this is the oldest hydroelectric power station in Russia which was operating until 2017!

– We visited the Sverdlovsk region and saw the Ural viaducts, so-called «Ural Hogwarts», which are about 100 years old. It is awesome!

– We went to the Kaolin Quarry, so-called «the Ural Bali». There is a crazy bright turquoise water, you better not to swim there, because it is dangerous for your health! Nevertheless, it is better to have a look at this beauty!

– We went on a hike to the Zyuratkul Ridge, which is located in the park of the same name! It is impossible to describe you the beauty of our nature!

– This spring we went to the Sanctuary Big Allaki. These 14 rock outcrops reach a height of 10 meters. There are ancient petroglyphs.

– I hope that during this off-season I will be able to visit some more places!

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