Andrei Belozyorov: «Neftekhimik is a great team»


Andrei Belozyorov talks about the VHL, his vacation and Neftekhimik.

– I am from Chelyabinsk. I played two seasons in the JHL, later I joined the Torpedo team in Ust-Kamenogorsk city. I made my debut in the VHL. After «Torpedo», I spent a short period with Severstal team, where I played several games during the pre-season. After that, I joined Lada team. So that’s my story.

– You played well last two seasons with Lada. Was there any interest form KHL teams?
– Yeah, I had good stats. My agent did not tell me about any interest from the KHL teams. We did not make Playoffs that is why I stayed there for some time.
Last year in December, I heard rumors that Neftekhimik was interested in signing Mikhail Nazarov and me. After the season, Neftekhimik offered me and Mikhail Nazarov contracts. Sure, there was interest from several KHL teams. Mikhail and I had already chosen the Nizhnekamsk.

– Why did you choose Neftekhimik?
– You know, Mikhail and I had worked with Oleg Leontyev in Gornyak team. In this way, you know what you need to do to get a success. This is a very important moment for me. In addition, Neftekhimik is a great team. There are many young guys and the coaching staff gives each player the opportunity to prove that you deserve to play. Neftekhimik had a great season and got a lot of experience. 

– What else do you know about Neftekhimik or Nizhnekamsk?
– I do not know a lot about the city, but I have a friend from Nizhnekamsk, Timur Bulatov. We played with him for two seasons with Lada and he talked a lot about his hometown. 

– Are you married? I mean that there are many beautiful girls in Nizhnekamsk.
– I do not want to disappoint them but I am married. My beloved wife and I are raising a child who is already 2.5 years old.

– Do you know anyone from Neftekhimik?
– I know Mikhail Nazarov (laughs) and Sergei Kuptsov.

– What do you expect from the new season?
– To be honest, I am nervous a little bit. I want to prove that I am ready to play at the KHL level. I had good stats in the VHL, but I want to achieve more.

– How do you spend your vacation?
– Now I am at home, but in the near future, we plan to go to Kazan with my family to visit the city. In addition, I practice on the ice and in the gym.

– What would you like to say to Neftekhimik fans?
– Hi, Neftekhimik fans! I wish you good health. I am very glad that I am in the Pack.
We appreciate your support. See you soon!

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