Andrei Chivilev: «As it says, everything is in our hands»


Andrei Chivilev was choosen as the best rookie of «Neftekhimik» in the 2020-2021 season by «Neftekhimik» fans.

- Andrei, how could you rate this season personally for you?

- First of all, it is necessery to rate the season according standings. Unfortunately, we did not make playoffs. As for me, I had a good season, but not a great one. You always have to get better and better.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. Nevertheless, my teammates - Daniel Butsayev, Bulat Motygullin and Vladislav Shutov - are also the best rookies of our team this season. We all have to get better. This is the only way to be on the roster of «Neftekhimik».

- What objectives did you set during preseason camp before this season?

- I worked hard because I wanted to be on the roster of «Neftekhimik».

- Andrei, you scored 11 (4+7) points this season. That’s quite good for the first KHL. Which of the pucks is the most memorable for you?

- Of course, my first KHL goal, we played against «CSKA». That was cool!

 - Which game was the most memorable?

- Probably the game on the last days of 2020 against «Dinamo» in Minsk. We had a long losing streak. The game was tied and Marat Khairullin scored a game-winning goal at the last minutes of the period. We got a win - 5:4!

- Many youngsters got their chance to play in this season. In your opinion, will other youngsters get their chance to play in the upcoming season?

- On our team, youngsters have their chance to play. It all depends on players. Will they take advantage of these chances or not? As it says, everything is in our hands.

- What are your thoughts and plans for the upcoming season or is it too early to think about it?

- Of course, I want to play as much as possible and to do my best. It does not matter how – to score goals, make assists, block shots etc. The main thing is to be useful.

- Vacation is coming. What are your plans?

- I would like to spend time with my family. Maybe I will hang out with my friends in Kazan. You know, 2 or 3 weeks of days off. After this, I will prepare for the upcoming season.

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