Ansel Galimov:«I am here and it is the main thing»


Welcome back, Ansel!

- Ansel you just arrived and played your first game. How do you feel?
- I flew to Nizhnekamsk last night and to be honest, I was worried but it was a pleasant excitement. After all, I came back to my native club. I did not play for the first team at Neftekhim Arena. I played in JHL with Reaktor. It was important for me to play here as a Neftekhimik player today. I am very glad that we got a win. Congratulations to all our fans and our team on this victory.

-  Yeah, you scored today. Did it gave you some kind of a boost? Despite the fact that it was an exhibition game.
- Of course, it was nice to score. After all, I met the team literally, an hour before the game, and before that I trained individually for a long time. Yes, it was a little hard to adjust to the game, but there is still time to get in shape before the championship.

- There are many guys from Nizhnekamsk in the roster. Probably it will help you to adjust faster ...
- I know many guys, both from Nizhnekamsk and from other cities. I played only with Maxim Berezin in the same team. We played together in Nizhnekamsk and Omsk; I met Evgeny Ivannikov at the KHL All-Star Game. Also, I played against other guys for a long time. The team welcomed me with open arms. I had a conversation with the coaching staff. It was clear that Neftekhimik is one big and friendly family, where everyone is ready to stand up for each other.

- How long did the negotiations take?
- I do not think about it. I am here and it is the main thing. I am grateful to the management of Neftekhimik, the coaching staff and my agent. 

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