Anthony Camara: «I was skating since I was like two years old»


–  Anthony, welcome to Nizhnekasmk!

– Thank you, I am happy to be here!

– Could you tell us what is the better way to call you, Anthony or Tony?

– Oh, whatever, it is does not matter, my grandfather calls me Tony and my friend back home calls me Tony, other people call me Anthony.

– Do you like the weather in Nizhnekamsk?

– Yeah, it the same like back home. I like all the seasons, I like the summer time and the winter as well.

– How was your summer and your trip to Nizhnekamsk?

– Summer was good, I spent some time golfing and just training. Yeah, I traveled to Nizhnekamsk from Toronto fly over to Moscow just excited to get here and met my new teammates.

– Our next question was about your hobbies but you already answered this question.

– Yeah, golf, I have a dog back home so I go for a walk and hiking with my dog, he loves to swim.

– What do you prefer to do in the summer in order to be ready for the season?

– I like to run a lot, bike for example, my dog runs with me a lot.

– What is your physical shape?

– It is very good. I have been training all summer, getting healthy, skating and working out every day.

– What is the name of your dog?

– Harvey. Like TV show Suits (Harvey Specter).

– Yeah, your dog spent plenty of time with you. Will you miss your dog?

– Sure, my wife back home she will be taking care of him.

– Do you know anyone from Neftekhimik?

– No, no one yet. We have time for that.

– Do you know any Russian words?

– Some bad words (laughs), but I am learning. I also remember good words like thank you – спасибо.

– You are doing great! By the way, who put you on skates?

– My mom did. My sister she is 4 years older, she was skating and playing sports. So I was skating since I was like two years old, couldn’t even walk but I was skating (laughs).

– Do you have your own ice rink on the backyard?

– No, I grow up in the building. The park across the street had ice so I skated there. In Toronto, there are a lot of outdoor hockey rinks in the winter. You can bring your skates and skate there.

– Who was your hockey Idol from your childhood?

–  I like Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman.

– Which hockey player has or had the same (similar) style of hockey to yours?

– Jarome Iginla, Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman.

– Last season your team Dynamo Pardubice lost in the quarterfinal. What prevented the team from going to semifinals?

– I think, just the team we played was better. We had a lot of injuries. It is a long season and there a playoffs battle, sometimes you get lucky sometimes you do not.

– Have you heard about Neftekhimik before?

– Yes, from Ryan Murphy. I played with him and against him as growing up. He was telling me about his time here, how he enjoyed his time here, he told me all the good things and good places.

– What is your favorite book from childhood or for now?

– From my childhood is the good old hockey game. Recently I read David Goggins «Can't Hurt Me», great motivation story.

– What is your favorite places to visit in Canada?

– I think, Nova Scotia, New Finland, you know, very friendly people, good food.

– What are your food preferences?

– I like fish, like salmon or soup and sweet potato.

– Do you like fishing?

– I like go fishing with a lot of friends back home.

– What is your favorite series?

– Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sopranos.

– Do you have your pregame ritual?

– Yeah, I got a few. Just warming up and getting mentally ready for the game.

– What would you like to say to our fans?

– Come out and support us! I know we are going do well this year; we are going to work hard and do our best for you guys!

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