- Bulat, "Challenge Cup" was held in a week ago. What are your impressions about "Challenge Cup"?
- It was cool. A great team, coaches. We were like family.
 Everything was done at a highest level.

- Was it hard to become united? All players from different teams…  Did you have any troubles in being captain?
- There were no difficulties. I tried to help everyone; in addition, I had the best assistants - Simyon Astashevsky and Stas Petrosyan. 

- For a long time, the Eastern team failed to win the Western team. How did the team manage to win?
- We became like a big family. 

- You also got 1 point. Could you comment on it?
- To be honest, it seems to me that they accidentally wrote that I made an assist.  It is does not matter. It is important that we won the cup! 

- Was you frustrated because you did not take a part in All Stars Week?
- No, I was not frustrated.

- How did your relatives and friends meet you at home?
- They met me in "Begishevo" airport . 

- What did the teammates and the coaching staff say? Maybe they praised you?
- Everyone congratulated me.
By the way, I wanted to thank the coaching staff of the Eastern team for their trust and support in the "Challenge Cup". I was very pleased to play the role of captain and lead the team to victory!

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