Denis Parshin: «I am sure that our team will have a good season»


Neftekhimik forward Denis Parshin talks about his hockey career, preseason camp and his vacation. 

– Denis, could you tell us about the last season in Slovakia. What is the level of hockey in this championship?
– First of all, I am very glad to join Neftekhimik. I have always heard only great things about my new team. Neftekhimik had a good season. It is a young team under the leadership of the new coaching staff. I will do my best to help the team.

Slovak championship is a good one. All the teams are fast and tough. It was fun to play there. There's a slightly different hockey mindset. The level, of course, is lower than in the KHL, but comparable to our VHL and perhaps even a little stronger. It's a pity that my club Kosice lost in the semi-final series.

–  Did you expect that after the season in Slovakia you would be able to return to the KHL?
– Although I played in another country, in another championship, the goal was the same - to return to the strongest league in Europe. I think that I managed to show a good hockey and stats there.

– By the way, you could have been in our team several years ago during the championship. The jersey number 27 was prepared for you. Then it did not work out. Did you know about it?
– Yes, I heard at that time that Neftekhimik was interested in singing me. To be honest, I do not know exact details. You know, my agent and the management of the club were working on it. You know, as it says, whatever happens, happens for the best. Now, I am here!

– We have a young team. You have a great experience. What do you think your role is in the new team?
– First of all, I must prove through hard work that I deserve to be in the roster. The task is to score goals, score points and help the team. I think the coaching staff will have a more specific conversation on this topic before the start of the summer camp.
I am ready to share my experience and help the guys, if someone needs this.

– The first official game for Neftekhimik will be your 700th KHL career game. Do you keep track of your stats?
– Yes, I know! You know, this fact is some kind of a boost for me. I am sure that our team will have a good season.

– You often choose number 27. Is there anything connected with this number?
– Yes, I mostly choose this number. There is no secret here. You know, l7ike from childhood I played with number 27. I like it and I am used to playing with this number. In Neftekhimik, I will have the number 27.

– Do you know some one from Neftekhimik?
– I know many guys by their last names, but personally I don’t know anyone. The teams are getting a lot younger now. It is not a problem; we have enough time to get acquinted during summer camp.

– You are from Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, but you did not play for Lokomotiv. How did it happen?
– You know, it is a hockey life. It is what it is.

– How did you spend your vacation?
– I spend time in Moscow with my family. In April, I went to Nizhny Novgorod with my son. We plan to go to Turkey, to have a rest. I will do my best to be ready for preseason camp.

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