Exhibition game: Izhstal 4–5 Neftekhimik


Exhibition game: Izhstal vs Neftekhimik

This game was dedicated to the 65th Izhstal anniversary. Therefore, long before the start of the game, in the foyer of the Arena we met famous veterans of this  club with a great history. Among them are Miskhat Fakhrutdinov and Igor Orlov. Do you remember the famous Izhevsk line  Miskhat Fakhrutdinovs and twin brothers Igor and Alexander Orlov? After Izhstal, Fakhrutdinov played in Dynamo Moscow, and the Orlov brothers played in Spartak.


Here we also met Sergei Kutyavin, another famous graduate of Udmurt hockey. Sergei once played for Neftekhimik, and his son Maxim Kutyavin is a student of Neftekhimik hockey school and played for Reaktor. This is such a small excursion into history.

While we were talking to veterans who had come to celebrate the anniversary of their home club, Neftekhimik head coach Oleg Leontyev and Strength and Conditioning Coach Alexander Urakov were getting ready. They joined Neftekhimik for this exhibition game.

Тройка Леонтьева 1.jpg

Izhstal head coach Konstantin Maslyukov and assistant coach Anton Kochurov joined Izhstal for this exhibition game.
About 15 minutes before the start of the game, a significant event occurred in the Wolves locker room. Anton Ponomaryov, an 11th grade student at one of the Izhevsk schools, came to the hockey players, accompanied by Neftekhimik director general Igor Larionov. Introducing Anton, Igor Larionov noted that Anton played hockey for the visually impaired for three years and dreams of becoming a hockey commentator. At the Wish Tree last year, he made a wish to spend time with our team. By the way, commentator Roman Skvortsov announced this on Match TV. Anton was presented with Neftekhimik jersey signed by Neftekhimik players.

Ларионов и Антон 1.jpg

Before the start of the game, Anton Ponomaryov also took part in the symbolic faceoff. It was a great game for the fans. Neftekhimik got a 5–4 win over Izhstal. Neftekhimik goals were scored by Dmitry Sokolov (2 goals), Nikita Buruyanov, Dmitry Zhukenov and German Tochilkin. Neeftekhimik goaltender Filipp Dolganov played on Izhstal team in ther first. Grigory Seleznyov and Kirill Urakov also joined Izhstal team. During intermission an autograph session was held.

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