Exhibition game: Yelabuga–1000 8:14 Neftekhimik


Exhibition game: Neftekhimik vs Yelabuga–1000

These exhibition games against Yelabuga has already become a good tradition. This is exactly what Neftekhimik Director General Igor Larionov noted in his speech at the local hockey Arena before the game. Indeed, the “wolves” are welcomed here every year.

Upon arrival, Neftekhimik players were presented with traditional chak–chak, bread and salt. Young hockey players from a local hockey school chanted “Neftekhimik”.

At 6:00 pm the game started. After the first , the score was 1–6 on the scoreboard.

We asked Neftekhimik forward Nikita Buruyanov: "Nikita, what is the score?". Nikita answered: " We will do our best. You cannot deceive the fans, we are not going to give away this game”. Indeed, Neftekhimik did it's best – played a fast–paced hockey with possesion of the puck and had a lot of good plays. Midway through the second, Yelabuga–1000 got more time on attcack and scored goals.

The final score is 14–8 in Neftekhimik favor. All the fans on the stands enjoyed this game. During the second break, Neftekhimik players Evgeny Kashnikov, Nikita Khoruzhev, Danil Sherstobitov and Grigory Seleznev took part in autograph session. There was a huge queue for the Wolves' autographs. After this game, there was a shooutout, where Yelabuga–1000 played better.

Photo: Artur Kudryavtsev.

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