Gleb Semyonov: «It is a great opportunity to prepare for the season!»


Neftekhimik defenseman Gleb Semyonov participated in the KHL 3x3 Tournament in Mytishchi.

Gleb reached the final of the tournament as part of the Orion team. The final of the KHL’s 3x3 tournament turned out to be a hard-battled one.

Gleb Semyonov:

– That was great! It is a great opportunity to prepare for the season! Everything was great. You know, there are plenty of workouts, conditioning coach and skating coaches! It is great to get a lot energy from this tournament!

– You scored 12 goals in 7 games of the group stage. Have you ever scored so many goals?

– I have never scored so many goals, but this is a completely different hockey. There is less room on the ice, more possibilities to make shots and therefore more goals.

– How is it to play without a coach behind you on the bench?

– In fact, you have no time to think about it. You know, it is a fast-paced game; there is no pauses. When you come to the bench, you only think about how to recover faster and wait for your next shift. Moreover, we had the least number of field players in our team.

– Who from the team was responsible for the tactics for today’s game?

– We have a friendly team. There were also older guys, somewhere they could tell how to play better. Sure, before the game, we talked about our tactics for the game.

– Were you upset that 15 seconds before the final whistle, the opponent tied the game up?

– Nobody likes to lose, whether it is chess or 3 on 3 hockey. Of course, it is a pity to lose in the final game of the tournament. On the other hand, it is just a preseason games. The main thing is that we are well prepared for the season and at the same time enjoyed the game.

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