Hockey without borders 2021


Children and adults with disabilities played hockey with professionals hockey players.

 The players of the night hockey league and «Neftekhimik» players Roman Abrosimov, Marat Khairullin, Kirill Vorobyov, Gleb Semyonov, Alexei Puzanov, Ilya Paranin, Timur Khafizov, Mikhail Sidorov, Bulat Motygullin, and Timur Sharifyanov assisted them on the ice. The director of HC «Neftekhimik» Igor Larionov and goaltender of «Reaktor» Artyom Yevpak protected the nets. 

Everything was real: a serious struggle for the puck, happiness after scoring a goal, cheering fans and cheerleaders on the stands. 

The game was tied 4:4. It was everyone's victory.

At the end of the meeting, Ilnar Sirayev, director of HC «Neftekhimik» Igor Larionov and the head of the Public Council of the Nizhnekamsk municipal district Khamza Bagmanov awarded all young players gifts and valuable prizes.

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