Igor Fyodorov:«Our players did a great job»


Igor Fyodorov, the head coach of JHC Reaktor, speaks with the media after following 4–2 win against Tolpar.

– Reaktor got two wins in a row with the same score 4–2 ...

– You know, these preseason (exhibition) games are helpful. Training process is one thing; the way they play hockey is another thing. Our players did a great job. Yeah, and the opponent played well. Thanks for coming!

The intensity of these games was high. There were many fights. The guys tried to stick to our coaching staff’ task and tried to do their best until the last seconds of the game. Well done! We move on.

– After these two games is there something that your team have to work on?

– The team have a preseason camp. They are getting ready for upcoming season. We look at the character and dedication of the guys. Character is formed through adversity, difficulties and etc. Someone gives up, other one works harder than yesterday. Today, in the third period, the guys showed character and played until the very end. We fought on the slot and scored third goal, which was a decisive one.

– There are a lot of young guys in the team who came from the YHL. How would you rate their game?

– Six Reaktor players are training with the first team (Neftekhimik). We give an opportunity to everyone; we look at the abilities of everyone. The guys who came from the YHL are doing well. They also do a great job during our summer camp.

– Are there other guys who can become leaders and lead the team?

– Of course, we want to have leaders. This is the dream of any coach. Like I said, we have six people training with Neftekhimik and there are other guys who are ready to become leaders. All is in their hands.

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