Igor Larionov: «We have become stronger»


The director of Neftekhimik Igor Larionov, head coach of Neftekhimik Oleg Leontyev and head coach of Reaktor Vyacheslav Kasatkin summed up the outcome of the 2020/2021 season and talked about 2021/2022 upcoming season.

Igor Larionov:

- We had a very hard season. The main outcome of the previous season is the fact that we have become stronger and got more experience. Therefore, we prepared much better for the 2021/2022 season.

- During this summer, we provided the team with everything that is necessary for a successful performance in the upcoming season.

- In addition, we will try to surprise our fans by new activities inside and outside of Neftekhim Arena.

- We have a young team, the Av Age is 23 years, the Av Ht is 186 cm, and the Av Wt is 83 kg. During the preseason, we played 9 games and got 5 wins in a row.

Oleg Leontyev:

- After these 9 games it was clear that our team is on the right way. We still have one more exhibition game against Ak Bars. I think we will start the season with our regular season lineup.

Vyacheslav Kasatkin:

- In the preseason, we took part in two tournaments. At the first tournament in Ufa, we played not bad; nevertheless, we did not get a good outcome. Before the second tournament in Magnitogorsk, we had talked with the guys. We made it clear that in the regular season without a good outcome, we will not have points and that we should be ready for upcoming season right now. Our team reached finals. Unfortunately, during the warm up before the final game, our starter goalie got an injury and we had to change him. As a result, our goalie line was not ready. That is why we got a second place.

- We will play one more exhibition game on August 31 in Kazan against Irbis. On September 5, we will play first game of the season in Ufa against Tolpar.

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