Kerby Rychel, Matt White, Zack Mitchell and Ryan Murphy visited school №36


Four players of "Neftekhimik" were invited to visit school №36 in Nizhnekamsk.

They felt the atmosphere of school. At the entrance, our hockey players were welcomed by headmistress of the school and two English teachers. 

Children could not believe that players were so close to them:

- I cannot believe! Look, it is Matt, Kerby, Zack and Ryan! Unbelievable!…79.jpg

The official part of the meeting started in the library. The ninth-graders were afraid of speaking in English. After some time this feeling disappeared:

- What was your favorite subject at school? - asked one of the school students.

-“Hm,” said Matt White. - "It was so a long time ago, but at school I liked breaks. Just kidding! History".

-“I liked math,”-  Zack Mitchell interrupted him.

-“Me too,” - repeated Kerby Rychel.

-“My dad was an English teacher, so probably English,”- answered Ryan Murphy.

By the way, the children did not forget to ask them about Nizhnekamsk:

- "We visited four restaurants. Especially, we like the one with Italian cuisine" - said Ryan.

Also they said that borscht is so delicious dish. 

After quite a long time with hockey players, the school students took some photos and got their autographs.


After meeting with a young fans the headmistress of the school showed to the players of "Neftekhimik" other rooms in the school. During all the excursion young fans tried to take picture or to get autographs.

Hockey players were shown a gym, where they managed to play basketball, a library, a dining room and a school cafeteria. 81.jpg

Our players were satisfied :

- "I am surprised about their level of English at that age. They are great, ” - said Kerby Rychel. - "It was fun to visit school again".

Well, we hope that such meetings of our hockey players will become a pleasant tradition, and that foreign hockey players will be able to get to know about our culture more.

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