Libor Hudacek : Long trip to Nizhnekamsk, TV Series and Hudashow


 It’ll be interesting to our fans to hear your story about your trip to Nizhnekamsk.
You and your brother, the «Spartak» goaltender Julius, made your long trip
through the half of Europe by car, before you came to Russia. Were there some
interesting stories?

- I should go by airplane; unfortunately, I did not get my visa. I had to make my
trip by car, my brother offered me to join him. The first city where we had a break
was Riga; we slept there. Julius drove about 7 hours and I drove about 4 or 5 hours.
The second city was Pskov. Julius and I spend in Pskov two hours while border-
crossing workers were checking documents and other stuff. They took almost
everything that we had in our baggage. Five hours later, we were in Moscow. After
that, I slept in Sheremetyevo and made my way from Moscow to Nizhnekamsk.
Anyway, it was a nice trip but it took a long time.

Libor, could you describe your first impression of Nizhnekamsk?

- It is not my first time in Nizhnekamsk. It is not big city; nevertheless, it is a nice
city. I come to play hockey here. We have here a good arena. I was welcomed with
open arms.

Do you have some favorite dish in the canteen at the sport base of our team?

- I like to eat burgers, tartar and pierogi. Especially, I like borsch.

You are well known for your passion to watch movies. Could you recommend
some films from your top list to our fans?

- I do not think that I am fan of movies or TV series. Lately, I have been watching
Money Heist TV series. I like to play PlayStation.

 Slovaks Tomas Starosta, Martin Cibak, Czechs Tomas Netik, Petr Koukal
played in our team. Do you know them?

- I know these guys. I played with Starosta and Cibak in the national team.

 Libor, you spent 3 season in the KHL when you was a player of «Slovan». What
do you remember from those seasons?

- I played there 3 seasons. It was tough for me because I was young. First season in
the KHL was the best one – we made playoffs and met such guys like Ovi, Malkin and

Did you speak with Julius about your possibility to score the puck into his net?

- I like to score against him. We played against each other and I scored two empty
netters because they made bad transitions.

 You speak Russian quite well. Did your brother help you?

-I had a teacher and five lessons. I think that the Russian language is similar to
the Slovak language. That is the reason why it is easier for me

Your brother is known for his Hudashow after winning games. Will you do
something like that in order to surprise «Neftekhimik» fans?

- I will make something in the locker room. I think that hat-trick will be a good
reason for it! Hudashow is his show.

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