Mikhail Nazarov: «I want to prove that I deserve to play in the KHL»


Mikhail Nazarov talks about his linemates, Neftekhimik and his goals for the season.

– I come from Novosibirsk. With JHL team Sibirskie Snaipery, I won the bronze medal of the JHL championship. I played some time in Kazakhstan. After that, I got an offer form VHL club. Therefore, I moved to Gornyak-UGMK and played there for three seasons. Last off-season, I was traded to Lada team.  Now, I am glad that I am in Neftekhimik. I now have the opportunity to play at a higher level.

– Your head coach in Gornyak was Oleg Leontyev.
– Yes, I worked with Oleg Leontyev for 2.5 years. It was a wonderful time. He helped us to get better and better. Therefore, I am looking forward to the start of the preseason.

– You played a lot in the VHL and played 8 games in the KHL. Was any chance to return to Novosibirsk?
– To be honest, I do not even know if Sibir was interested in signing me. When I got an offer from Neftekhimik, I agreed immediately.

– You spent last season on the line with Andrei Belozyorov, who also joined our team. For two regular season (including playoffs), you guys scored 118 points. It seems that you guys found a good chemistry.
– We played on the line from the first day of the training camp. I do not know why. Nevertheless, we found this chemistry on the ice. We should not forget about centerman Maxim Denezhkin. He helped us a lot to score a lot of points. 

– In our team you have three friends - Andrei Belozyorov, Evgeny Mityakin and Vlad Leontyev ...
– Evgeny and I played together for three years. Before moving to Neftekhimik, I talked with him. He said that Neftekhimik is a great team and that here everything is great.
 I played two seasons with Vlad Leontyev. You know, generally, I played with Mityakin and Leontyev in the same line and Alexander Sevostyanov also.

– What are your expectations for the upcoming season?
– You know, I want to achieve as much as possible. I want to prove that I deserve to play in the KHL.
First of all, I want to say to our fans that I am happy to join Neftekhimik. I want to wish everyone good health. We will try to do our best!

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