Mikhail Nazarov:«Slowly but surely, we found a right way to play»


Mikhail Nazarov talks with the media after following win 3–2 over Salavat Yulaev.

– It is always great to win. It does not matter, was it a pre-season game or a regular season game. We played according to our coaching staff’ task. All the guys did their best. Yes, somewhere something did not work out. At the same time, we had a great desire to get a win. There is a lot of work ahead and there is an opportunity to work on our mistakes.

Personally, I had some good and some bad plays. There is always something that you should work on.

We have been practicing with Andrei Belozyorov and Andrei Chivilyov since the first day of the training camp. Slowly but surely, we found a right way to play. It is just the beginning. There are many games, practices ahead and we will continue to improve. It is good that we got the opportunity to play on the power play.

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