Mikhail Sidorov: «The difference is that we lost our home game»


Mikhail Sidorov speak with the media following 3-1 win against Barys.

– It's good that we won. Now we need to recover and prepare for the most important road games streak of the season.

– We played two games against Barys in a short time. Were these games alike?

– «Barys» is a fast team, they have good forecheck. Of course, there are not so much differences between these games. The difference is that we lost our home game and won our away game.

– The opponent rushed our net after you goal ...

– They did not rush our net, it happened because we wanted to not let them score.


– How did you mange to score?

– I got a great pass from Marat. I am always ready to make a shot. It’s great that the puck shot the target.

– Now your team will have some days-off and after this the team will prepare for road games. What can you say about Amur?

– There will be very serious and tough games. We will play five games in a row in eight days. It will be hard enough, but it is hard for everyone now.

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