"Neftekhimik"- "Avangard"


Despite the fact, that they had problems with the roster (long list of injured players) in the first half of the season, "Avangard" did a great job and took 2nd place in the conference before second half of the season.

Leaders of "Avangard"

Vyacheslav Voynov did not play last year. Vyacheslav joined "Avangard" and became one of the leaders of the team. He got 30 points! Do not forget that he is a defenseman!

Kirill Semenov, Taylor Beck and Sven Andrighetto got 20 points.


Head-to-head games

"Neftekhimik" won 17 games

"Avangard" won 19 games

Let’s cheer for our team!

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