Neftekhimik players held a master class for young hockey players in Mamadysh


Neftekhimik players held a master class in Mamadysh.

If Ilya Khokhlov and Ruslan Petrishchev stayed at home and worked with Neftekhimik Hockey School's players, then Vladimir Bryukvin, Dmitry Zhukenov, Dmitry Sokolov and Kirill Urakov visited young players from Mamadysh.

This is already the fourth trip of the Wolves to this city. As Ilya Shevyakhov, director of the Olimp Arena, told us, the children were looking forward to the arrival of the Neftekhimik hockey players. They did bot just wait, but also wondered who would come to visit them this time.

At 13:15 thehockey lesson started with a traditional warm–up. After that, having divided into groups, the children and hockey players continued their work. The master class ended with a two–way game where friendship won. During this hockey lesson, we managed to talk briefly with the young hockey player Matvey Saltykov.

Matvey Saltykov:

– This is the second year I have taken part in the master class. What do I like most? The fact that hockey players show us a lot of interesting exercises, for example, how to shoot better, how to skate on the outside edge and much more. We try to do everything in a right way.

Olimp Arena Ilya Shevyakhov:

– When children practice with professional hockey players, even for a short period of time, they understand better why they are practicing, why they need hockey in general. That is why master classes are needed. I think the hockey players themselves like it too. After a difficult season, they probably also want to return to their childhood and recharge with enormous energy.

Vladimir Bryukvin, in his speech to the young hockey players, thanked everyone for the warm welcome, and wished them to be persistent in achieving their goals.

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