«Neftekhimik» players held a master class for young hockey players in Mendeleyevsk


Marat Khairullin, Ildar Shiksatdarov, Roman Abrosimov, Kirill Vorobyov and Andrei Chivilev were on the ice at «Aisberg» arena.

 After the warm-up, Andrei Chivilev and Kirill Vorobyov were focused on possession of the puck, Marat Khairullin and Roman Abrosimov with the kids worked on passing accuracy, Ildar Shiksatdarov worked with children on skating exercises.

- This is my first time participating in a master class. When I was at that age, I did everything the same way. To be honest, I am a little worried. I see how the kids are carefully watching my every movement. Therefore, I must do everything perfectly. It is a pleasure to work with children. – said Ildar Shiksatdarov.

 The youngest player Maxim Tarasov, liked the warm-up and to shoot on goal with hockey players looking at it. Kirill Vorobyov and Andrei Chivilev helped them to improve this skill.

 - We did a great job. Young players tried to do all of excercies perfectly. We wish them and their parents be healthy and strong and a lot of success in their future.» - said Kirill.

After on ice practice, there were the photo and autograph sessions. At the end of the event, the players of «Neftekhimik» presented the director of «Aisberg» Yegor Demidov with memorable souvenirs.

«We are grateful to the management of HC «Neftekhimik»! We always glad to see you here!» - said Yegor Demidov.

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