«Neftekhimik» players held a master class for young hockey players in Menzelinsk


Alexei Volgin, Marat Khairullin and other players spent more than an hour on the ice with children.

The director of «Yunost» Khamza Gilyazetdinov has pointed out that young hockey players are looking forward to the next meeting. It was not possible to go to Menzelinsk last year, due to the coronavirus. Rafael Bikmullin, Timur Sharifyanov, Gleb Semyonov, Alexei Puzanov and Timur Khafizov held a long-awaited master class.

Rafael Bikmullin described the first exercise for children.

- «They listened to us attentively», - Rafael Bikmullin said, - «they tried to do everything in right way».

Then Timur Sharifyanov and Alexei Puzanov showed their exercices. Gleb Semyonov helped to correct mistakes of backwards skating.

Timur Khafizov worked with young forwards.

The players of «Neftekhimik» gave souvenirs to the hardest working players. The most valuable prize got Amir Sarvarov – a hockey stick with autographs of «Neftekhimik» players.

«The hockey stick is an unexpected gift for me, » said the young hockey player. – «I could not even imagine that I would get it. We are very grateful to «Neftekhimik» for this master class; it was interesting and useful to watch their excerscies.»

Later, Director of «Yunost» Khamza Gilyazetdinov thanked the management and coaching staff of «Neftekhimik» for this event.

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