Neftekhimik players held a master class for young hockey players in Menzelinsk


Neftekhimik players held a master class in Menzelinsk.

Kirill Vorobyov, Andrey Chivilyov, Timur Sharifyanov and Semyon Kizimov visited young players from Menzelinsk.

It should be noted that a 9-year-old Timofei Panchenko had a birthday that day. The Neftekhimik captain Kirill Vorobyov congratulated him and presented special gift to Timofei.

Later, in a conversation, Timofei admitted that he had never expected such a surprise and could not imagine that he would receive a gift from the hands of the captain of Neftekhimik.

Neftekhimik hockey players held a warm-up. After that, the whole group was working on a breakaway, two-on-one, etc.

Many parents from Menzelinsk with their children visit Neftekhimik games. They noted that master classes and acquaintance with Neftekhimik players contributed to these trips.

After training session, Neftekhimik players and children played some hockey. That was a great day!

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