Nikita Popugayev: «Hockey is a team game»


Nikita Popugayev talks about his vacation, favorite kind of music and Tatar cuisine. 

- Nikita, how did you spend your vacation?
- I try to spend my vacation with my family and my friends. On May 13, I will fly to the United Arabic Emirates for a week and after that I will prepare for the upcoming season.

- During your career, you have traveled almost the whole world - from Khabarovsk to Prince George in Canada. How did you spend time in Canada?
- I spent two and a half seasons in Canada. That was great! I grew up there as a player, as a person! 

- What surprised you there?
- Probably people! They have completely different mentality!

- In terms of experience, was it useful to play in Canada and in USA?
- Yeah. First of all, I was drafted by New Jersey Devils! It is a big step! In everyday life, I have grown a lot during this time.

- Unfortunately, we cannot say that it was a successful season for you and Neftekhimik. You scored one goal this season, when you played against Neftekhimik. Do you remember that moment?
- Why people do not pay attention on assists? Yes, there were problems with taking advantage of my goal-scoring chances. Everyone has ups and downs. I will improve it.

- Who is your main fan?
- My main fan .... It's hard to choose one. My whole family is rooting for me! Including my sister, she always calls and supports me. 

 - What can you say about our city?
- Nice city! There is all stuff that helps to develop (work on) your game. During the season, you don't really look at the city. You go from the arena to the house! There are nice places to eat, there are cinemas! Everything you need for life.

- Recently by Instagram stories you showed that you got a new tattoo. Tell me, what kind of tattoo did you get and how many tattoos do you have?
- There are many tattoos ... And they all mean something, but let's keep it a secret, since they have a deep meaning that only me and my family know.

- What did you like the most from Tatar cuisine?
- Chak-chak and Balish with meat!

- What do you prefer to do during your free time?
- Cinema or billiards.

- Your favorite kind of music is ...
- I mix music - from chanson to rap. I like music.

- What objectives do you set for yourself in the new season?
- First of all, reaching the playoffs. After all, hockey is a team game. First of all, you need to think about it!

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