Nikita Rtishchev: «The main thing for me is to help our team get points»


Neftekhimik newcomer, forward Nikita Rtishchev gave his first big interview as part of the Pack.

– Nikita, who put you on skates?
– My dad helped me to make my first steps in hockey school. This was a joint decision of the parents. My father always loved sports. He was involved in sports and even played hockey, but at an amateur level. My dad really liked this sport. We visited Dynamo games. If I am not mistaken, the team was based in Balashikha at that time.

– When did you realize that hockey is what you want to devote your life to?
– The understanding that hockey is something I like must have started when I was about the age of 7. I started to succeed, I scored goals. That was a great inspiration for me, I loved it. For every goal I scored, I received from my dad a certain amount of money or a new game disc for psp/xbox.

– Who are your main fans?
– This is my family - my father, my mother and my brother. They are my most important and beloved fans. Also, my grandparents are rooting for me. My father’s brother also supports me in every possible way. These are my fans.

– How do you like to spend your free time during the season?
– I spend it in different ways. Sometimes I play psp/xbox, I like to eat delicious food or go to the movies. In general, nothing special. I like to read interesting literature. I recently read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” written by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. This is the foundation of how to behave financially wisely. Written in a quite simple way, understandable and accessible language.

– Where did you go during your vacation?
– During this vacation, I visited Gorno-Altaisk at a recreation center. We managed to go fishing and hunting there. I had a great time.

– Have you already played in Nizhnekamsk?
– No. I have not played in Nizhnekamsk yet, but I know that you have a great arena. Small, cozy and very atmospheric, especially when a lot of fans come. I heard that the arena fills well at the games.

– Which of the current “wolves” do you know personally?
– I know Yegor Korbit and Artyom Serikov.

– What number do you plan to take in the Pack?
– I will take number 88.

– Are you familiar with Tatar cuisine?
– Yes, I am familiar with Tatar cuisine, but I think that I will have the opportunity to get to know it even better, since I really like to eat delicious food. I am sure that the dishes that I have not tried yet will be so tasty.

– Do you know that the main games of the season for our fans are the Tatarstan derby (cross town rivalry) against Ak Bars? If you score goals, you become a real hero.
– I know that this is a big derby and it will be cool to score against Kazan in the first game, but for me it is not the individual opponents that are important, but the whole season and the playoffs, where we definitely have to get through. Every game is important and the main thing for me is to help our team get points.

– At the end of the interview, pleasem, say a few words to our Pack fans.
– First of all, I want to wish you and me a great season. To our team - more victories and making the playoffs and achieving our goals. You and I together are one team! We will work hard and play hard for you. We will make every effort to please you in every game.

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