Oleg Leontyev speaks with Neftekhimik media


Oleg Leontyev:

– After a long season, we spent two weeks at home. It is obvious, that it is great to be at home. It is always pleasure to spend time with family and friends. I took the ice with my grandson; we also visited a hockey game. That was great.

At the same time, you do not forget about your job. I kept in touch with Igor Larionov (General Director of HC Neftekhimik). We discussed and solved some questions related to the upcoming season.

– What are the plans of the team?

– We started the training process. Moreover, the young guys from Reaktor team joined us. We will have one-time training sessions. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for these players. We will visit other cities of Tatarstan and hold master classes with pupils of the Children's and Youth Sports Schools.

– Do you follow the playoffs?

– Sure. It is quite interesting. I watch games every day. There hockey is more focused on the result, it has become pragmatic.

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