Oleg Leontyev: «We must forget these games as soon as possible»


Oleg Leontyev:

- Despite the score of these two games, we faced a strong opponent who had good chances to score and good power play unit. We played well.

We must forget these games as soon as possible. On September 2, we will play against this team. There will be a completely different hockey.


- Pavel Poryadin, Andrei Chivilev, Marat Khairullin, Lukas Klok and Mikhail Sidorov have a day-off today...

- Two lines of Kunlun RS did not play today too. We gave a chance to other guys to play. Our leading group got a day-off. It is not strange during the preseason.


Is the team ready for the beginning of the season at this moment?

- It is hard to say. We should be ready for the beginning of the season. Probably, we are close to be ready. Only time will tell.


- Ansel Galimov played his first game. How did it happen at last moment?

- We wanted Ansel to be here long ago. But it is what it is. After all, it's hard to join the team immediately.


- We were waiting for Libor Hudacek quite a long time. He joined the team. After some time he have left to play with his national team …

- Libor spent part of the preseason camp with the team. Moreover, it was the most powerful and necessary part of camp. Now he is preparing for the qualifying tournaments of the Olympics. These games will be useful and we hope that Libor will return in good mood and mentally ready.


- Probably, in the last exhibition game in Kazan against Ak Bars we will see the regular season lineup?

- Yes, we will regular season lineup.

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