Oleg Leontyev: «We will prepare for the upcoming games in Magnitogorsk»


Oleg Leontyev: 

- We played well. We also played great in middle zone and in our D-zone. In the second and third periods, we had an advantage, but did not use our chances to score.
This game was good for us. We will prepare for the upcoming games in Magnitogorsk.

- Our defensemen are trying to make a play with forwards instead of shooting the net.
- During on ice practice, we are gaining speed to make our defensemen be able to bring the puck to the opponent's net faster, but so far, not everything is working out. Perhaps, due to preseason hard trainings their reaction is not fast enough. I hope that pucks after shots of our defensemen will reach the opponent's net and this will benefit us. After all, goals on the power play are scored due to defensemen shots. We will work on it.

- Why did our team get too many penalties?
- Perhaps, Ak Bars was faster than our team, because our team tired a little bit. Ak Bars changed 8 people in the lineup. For the second day in a row, we played with practically the same lineup. I know that it is hard.
Sure, there were also a plenty of not necessary penalties. We have to remove it.

 - What is the task for the Romazan memorial?
- We have one task – be prepared for the upcoming season. The main thing is to make the team be ready mentally and physically for the season.

- The Neftekhimik have signed defenseman Maxim Berezin. Could you comment on it?
- I think that it is good for us. Berezin is an experienced and mature hockey player. He is reliable and stable. We do not have a lot of defensemen with such experience in the team.

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