Postgame comment of Vyacheslav Kasatkin


Vyacheslav Kasatkin, the head coach of the "Reaktor", summed up the results of two games with "Stalnye Lisy".

- First of all, it is great that we got 4 points. This is the most important thing for us. Our team played well: there were some moments to score.

In the second game in the first period, we made a great job. We took a lead 2-0. In this way we were waiting for opponent’s attacks. After second intermission, we talked with the guys. We had to keep our advantage. In the third period we got unnecessary penalties. This mistakes prevented us from getting an A grade in this game.

In the third period we got a lot of penalties. What was the reason for this? Probably, somewhere, our defensemen got tired in the second period, when they got under pressure. The main thing is that we got 4 points.

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