Postgame comments of head coaches of "Neftekhimik" and "Dynamo" Moscow


Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of "Neftekhimik":

- First of all, I would like to congratulate my team and all our fans on this victory. When we took a lead, we did not focus on our game and opponent scored 2 goals. We made unnecessary mistakes and got penalties. Nevertheless, we scored 2 goals after that and won the game.

 - Your team won 10 games in a row. What is the strongest side of your team?

- The whole team is.

- During National team’s break, did you have to say some words for the team to make the players forget about this winning streak and to avoid underestimating of the opponent in the future?

- You know, it is a good question. Our players know that it is not the end of the season. We are pleased that we won 10 games in a row. Nevertheless we have the same schedule of practices.

 - Was it hard to the players who was called to the National teams to be in the good physical condition?

 - I don’t think that they were in a bad physical form. They had some additional motivation. It is good that they got this experience. They played the way they were supposed to play. It is impossible to play without mistakes ... This is a game, and he who makes no mistakes makes nothing.

 - Can you  compare the games with the top teams like "SKA", "CSKA", and "Dynamo"? Which one was harder to win?

- I think that it is not necessary to compare this games. We respect all our opponents. "CSKA" and "Ak Bars" are trying stick to their systems of hockey. It depends on team.

 Vladimir Krikunov, the head coach of "Dynamo" Moscow:

 - I would like to congratulate "Neftekhimik" on this victory. They deserved it. Our fans did their best. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our players ... we got full lineup this morning. Juuso Hietanen and Dmitry Jashkin were not in a good physical condition after playing for the nationals teams.

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