Postgame comments of Konstantin Barulin


-Congrats on a victory! Did you like the game? Did you feel the atmosphere of crosstown rivalry…

-Today was a great atmosphere of the game! It is a great pleasure to see happy fans and teammates!

It was a close game.

- Did you face a lot of shots on goal in today’s game?

Could you tell me about it? I did not see stats of the game. (laughs)

- Goaltenders prefer games with a huge number of shots. Is it possible to relate you for this type of goaltenders?

- I prefer to win!

- Which one shot in the SO was difficult to stop?

- Matt White’s shot

- I mean from the players of "Ak Bars".

- It is a kind of lottery. All players could do not ordinary shots.

- In such games, one mistake can change everything. Do you feel nervous because of it?

- You know, when I was a boy, I thought that at the age of 35 I would not nervous in such games. Nothing of the kind! It is ok when you nervous before the game.

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