Igor Nikitin, the head coach of "CSKA":

- Congratulations to "Neftekhimik". We did not play well from the very beginning of the game. Our team tried to score, but "Neftekhimik" played well in the defensive zone.

- Is it connected with the break in the regular season?

- I think that a lot of factors connected with it. We played 25 games.

- Vyacheslav Butsayev, the head coach of "Neftekhimik":

- I would like to thank our fans for their support and congratulate them and our team on this victory! We did not stick to our tactic in the second period that is why "CSKA" took some advantage. Fortunately for us, we did our best in the third period.

- We talked a lot about this winning streak. You won "Ak Bars", "CSKA". What is the secret of it?

- Let's not get hung up on it. Players got the feeling of victory. They tried to stick to our tactic. We appreciate it.

- What will you do to keep the winning mood alive?

- May I ask you a question? What do you recommend?? ... We will have a break. Players got several days off ... This is only the half of the season. We have much things to do, to work on.

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