Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:
- I would like to congratulate our team and fans on a victory! We did a great job! Today the game of the special units was a key moment. Our team played great both offensively and defensively. In addition, Frans kept us in the game. He made 32 saves; that is great. Also, we blocked a lot of shots. It was a great team effort.
Alexander Andrievsky, the head coach of HC Admiral:
- Yeah, the key moment of the game was the job that special units did today. Unfortunately, our opponent was stronger.

- If we do not take into account the special units, what prevented your team from a victory today?
- Somewhere, there is not enough skill; somewhere we were not lucky enough. Perhaps we are doing something wrong. They scored 3 power play goals out 4 attempts, but we cannot to score on 5 on 3 power play. We are working on the way our special units play.

- Don’t you think that your team spent a lot of energy in Kazan two days ago?
- No. It is hard mentally when your opponent scored one power play goal, second and third and you did not score on 5 on 3 power play. 

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