Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Ak Bars» 03/11/2023


Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Ak Bars» 03/11/2023

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– It is all about the details. Somewhere you have to block the shot, somewhere you need to skate faster, somewhere you should not get penalties. We took the lead and the game was under our control. Our pk units did a good job. We have worked on the mistakes. If we speak about the whole season, the guys are just heroes. After 10 defeats in the beginning of the season, we climbed from the bottom. I can hardly imagine that someone can do the same thing. Ak Bars was skillful, individually stronger. We battled to the very end. The fact that we have reached the sixth game is not at all accidental.

I want to thank all the fans who supported us throughout the season. I would like to thank those fans who supported us on the road trips. We heard them. For us, this support is valuable.

I would like to thank SIBUR for supporting us and helping the team to develop. Many thanks to our General Director Igor Viktorovich Larionov. He does a lot for the team. Thanks to the entire club staff for their great job.

– Is the result of this playoff good one or bad one?

– Of course, we have a good result. We played against strong opponent who should go far in the Gagarin Cup playoffs.

Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, the head coach of HC Ak Bars:

– It was clear for us that it would be a difficult game. We were preparing for this and were tied in some way in the beginning. The opponent played well. All games were hard-battled games. I think that this series helped us to find our mistakes. We will work on our mistakes. Neftekhimik prepared us quite well.

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