Press Conference «Sibir – Neftekhimik» 01/18/2023


Press Conference «Sibir – Neftekhimik» 01/18/2023

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– We started well. In the first period, we manage score first goal of the game. In the second period we failed in inexplicable way. In the third we tried to bounce back. Our players played with dedication and tried to do their best. We will get ready for the next game.

– What happened after first conceded goals?

– Of course, when you have to catch up, it is harder to bounce back. Especially road games, against strong rivals. We played to the very end.

– What are your thoughts about the progress of Ilya Fedotov?

He gave us offensive power. Ilya scores a lot of goals. He have slowed down a little, but I am pleased with his progress. Hope he has a great future. Of course, it is necessary to work hard.

Andrei Martemyanov, the head coach of HC Sibir:

– To be honest, we failed the first period. Neftekhimik used counterattacks. They had about 5-6 scoring chances near our gates. Our goaltender Anton Krasotkin did a great job and kept us in the game. In the final period, we tried to keep our advantage.

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