Vyacheslav Butsayev: « We need to stay cool in such games».


-I would like to congratulate Torpedo team on their victory. It was an interesting game. We overslept the first 5 minutes of the game and that is why we got penalties.

I think at some point in the second period we did not have enough coolness and skill, but we played better. In addition, unnecessary penalties at the end of the 3rd period and their implementation by the opponent did the trick. Nevertheless, we did not give up.

-  Your team did not score today. Was it due to good defense strategy of Torpedo or it is just a weakness of our forwards?

-It is not right to talk only about one reason of today’s result. Somewhere their keeper did good saves, somewhere we tried to make unnecessary passes…

 - And the fact that you did not use opportunities in a power play. It is lack of aggression, is not it?

-You know, there are advantages and disadvantages of aggression. In my opinion, we were not aggressive enough in the final stage of the attack. It was necessary to take responsibility for the puck throws… Once again, we had moments and we could take advantage of these moments, but we could not realize them. We have to shoot more and not to be afraid of it.

 - You are not a big fan of drastic changes in the lines. According to the previous game, there were very few changes in the attacking lines and the first line remained unchanged. Would you like to make any changes during preparation for the next game?

 -We will see. Before this game, we won and played well enough. Other teams in the same situations: someone is tired; another one is not ready to play at KHL level. For example, our young players cannot play each game at those speeds. We have periodically rotate the players giving them time to rest, then we will have some outcome. The next opponent is a new opponent and we will do our best to win.

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