Yevgeny Kashnikov: «We are getting ready for the regular season»


Yevgeny Kashnikov talks about his preseason preparation.

– Yevgeny, you recently joined the team. How the team met you?

– The team met me well and I feel comfortable. I like that we work a lot on the ice. We are getting ready for the regular season.

– How quickly did you decide to return from North America to Russia?

– First, I talked with my parents and my agent, and only after that, I decided to return to my homeland after a summer training camp in San Jose.

– Tell us about last season at Gatineau Olympiques.

– The last regular season in the main youth league of Quebec was quite successful. The season also consist of 68 games, as in the upcoming regular season of the KHL. Gatineau, Where I played, took first place in their division, but in the playoffs, we lost to the team, which become champion.

– Are you Offensive defenseman or defensive defenseman?

– In the youth leagues, I have always tried to support the attacking plays of the team, but a lot depends on the coach. I will play in accordance with the game plan of the coaching staff.

– What is the hardest thing for you at the training camp?

– Came to the team after several weekends and a long flight from North America. Therefore, the first 2-3 days were hard and now I feel good. I am preparing for the upcoming game.

– To whom would you like to dedicate your first KHL puck?

– First, you need to score the puck and then think about to whom dedicate it. For a defenseman, the main thing is that the team did not concede any goals.

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