Evgeny Mityakin: «All the guys in the team are great»


Evgeny Mityakin talks about his KHL season.

– Evgeny, why did you chose hockey?

– I learned how to skate on the ice with my friend Andrei Obidin in my childhood in Krasnokamsk. I really like it.

– How did you manage to move to Yekaterinburg?

– At the age of 11, Andrei Obidin and I were invited to the Avtomobilist. The team was called «Yunost». Why were we invited? Probably because the Yekaterinburg school set high goals and wanted to bring hockey players who can help. On the other hand, we must take into account that for 5 years we drove to Perm to visit practices. It is an hour to get there and an hour to go back. It was not easy to move like this. It was hard not only for us, but also for our parents, especially for my dad, who had to be our driver. I am very grateful to my parents. It was not so easy for them, nevertheless, they believed in me.

– Yeah, it was right decision because now you are a KHL level player!

– We had a lot of great players. For example, from Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, and Perm. Our coaches were Igor Ulanov and Anatoly Tarasov. Under their leadership, we became champions of Russia at our age. Later, from this team, several guys, including me, were invited to the youth team «Avto», which was coached by Evgeny Mukhin. From that line-up, many guys continue to play at the KHL and the VHL levels.


– You played 228 games with Gornyak team in the VHL. Was there any feeling that you have played there enough and was ready to play in the KHL?

– I always kept the KHL in mind. Of course, I wanted to play there. You know, I just was working hard everyday. By the way, during my time at Gornyak I missed only two games.


– Now you are part of Neftekhimik. How did it happen?

– To be honest, I do not remember the exact details. I remember only one thing - I was extremely happy when I found out that I was moving to Neftekhimik. Neftekhimik have a good reputation in the KHL. I think that Oleg Leontyev (the head coach of Neftekhimik) was aware of my abilities. He was our head coach at Gornyak.

– Please, tell us a little about your first impressions of our club.

–I was acquinted with Rafael Bikmullin, Mikhail Sidorov and Yegor Popov before I joined the team. You know, all the guys in the team are great. I felt like I have been here for a long time. I had a great welcome.

I really like the locker room. There is all the necessary stuff for recovery after games and training. Everything you need for this is at hand. I like the baza of «Almash» too.

I believe that the main thing in Neftekhimik is the people who work here. For example, the director of the club, team staff and the people who do the work you do not see during hockey games. Each of them does everything that we, I mean hockey players, do not have any problems. You know, people here are friendly they are always ready to help at any time.

– Do you remember your first game as a player of Neftekhimik?

– Sure, we played a pre-season game against «Salavat Yulaev». We were losing 0-3 and tied the game. It was useful for us and helped us during this season.

– Have you expected to be Centerman in the first line?

– Of course not. Nevertheless, when I came to Neftekhimik, I set myself the task to do my best.

– How would you rate your season?

– I am sure that it is better let coaches and my teammates to rate my season. In general, I think the season was good. I know what I need to work on.

– Neftekhimik was ready for the Playoffs. Unfortunately, our team lost in the first round, all the games we lost with the difference in scoring pucks by only one puck ...

– We have quite a young team, I think, we played good hockey and made the playoffs. We played good offensive hockey. In the Playoffs, we tried to do our best. Perhaps, we had a lack of Playoffs experience.This experience is a key for success. Nevertheless, it is great that we got this Playoffs experience and become stronger. We will use it in the upcoming season.

– We know off-ice Evgeny – calm person. What about on-ice Evgeny?

– On the ice, of course, emotions sometimes run wild. You know, you have to be with a cool head.

– What is the most memorable game of the season?

– Perhaps, the game against Avtomobilist. I scored my first KHL goal, to my former team, by the way. I also remember the game against Severstal on the road; we managed to win this game, despite the fact that after second period the score was 1:5.

What do you prefer to do during your vacation?

– I spent more time with my family, visited my parents in Krasnokamsk and spent time with my friends.

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