Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Avangard» 09/25/2022


Press Conference «Neftekhimik – Avangard» 09/25/2022

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– Perhaps, the fans liked today’s game. That was a great fight. I would like to thank our fans for their support. You know, we have a kind of bad luck. According to the stats, we outplayed the opponent but did not score more goals than they did. Our goaltender made big saves. After signing Andrei Tikhomirov and Emil Garipov, we have even more confidence that we can get through this losing streak.

I am sure that everything will be fine with the team. No one gives up; we have a great desire to win. Unfortunately, individual mistakes and loss of focus on the game, when they scored the third goal, decided the outcome of the game.

Dmitry Ryabykin, the head coach of HC Avangard:

– Neftekhimik started well. We all know their situation. We knew that they have a super motivation to stop their losing streak. We warned our players about this, but, not everyone got it. Anyway, win is a win.

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