Press Conference «Traktor – Neftekhimik» 09/23/2022


Press Conference «Traktor – Neftekhimik» 09/23/2022

Oleg Leontyev, the head coach of HC Neftekhimik:

– We lost the game, but it was a good game and it gives us hope. We had good scoring chances, we scored three, but we concede five due to individual mistakes. In terms of dedication, game discipline and penalties, it was a great game for us, but again, we did not get points. I hope that in the next game we will win.

– You often talk about the individual mistakes of the players. Do not you think that it is time for fines system?
– Maybe, but it will work only for a while. We will think about it. If a player made mistake and his teammate played 1 vs 2, is there any fine for this? I do not know about these types of fines. I heard about fines for the penalties that affected the outcome of the game.

– At the last press conference, you talked about future lineup changes…
– We will have changes in the goaltender line and changes among the players. There are players who have a lot of time on the ice and playing power play. We had big expectations about these guys.

Anvar Gatiyatulin, the head coach of HC Traktor:

– The team completed our task for the game. We are happy that we won the game and got two points. I appreciate the dedication of the guys. We played well in the first period. In the second, we let the opponent change it. During second intermission, we talked with the guys and made adjustments. The guys did a great job. We took advantage of our goal-scoring chances and scored goals.

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